Junk Free June.

Creating a fundraising concept to drive social change.

We created an innovative charity concept with the objective to raise funds for the Cancer Society, but also to engage with a younger audience and affect positive social change. Since it’s inaugural year in 2015, we have led the creative, strategy, design and development of the entire Junk Free June concept, including the business model, brand, website, communications, marketing and advertising.

A best in class technology stack

We have built an incredibly valuable technology stack which is at the heart of the Junk Free June business model. We have a scalable data infrastructure talking to a responsive web application, a native mobile application (REACT JS) and 3rd party payment applications (Stripe) utilising a REST API. It’s a best in class technology stack to enable the Junk Free June concept to be rolled globally with participating charities.

An engaging brand

Junk Free June’s brand was designed to engage with a younger demographic (16 – 30) that primarily sit outside The Cancer Society’s key audience. The brand’s visual identity and communication style is designed from the ground up to be more closely aligned to a fashion or tech brand than a charity. The brand’s identity has really resonated with this target audience, the organic engagement with the brand through social is the strongest across our entire client portfolio.

An ROI focused campaign

Since inception Junk Free June has not had huge media budgets to play with. Therefore as their agency of record, we had to get creative in order to maximise the reach. We made the strategic decision during the acquisition portion of the campaigns to focus on earned media, paid social advertising, and social influencer engagement. Once we have gained traction onboarding participants to the platform, we then amplified this audience using sticky social integration to drive viral reach. The results have been phenomenal achieving $8 + ROI for every media dollar spent in 2016.


2016 Funds Raised


2016 Participants & Donators

Services used on this project

Advertising, Brand Creation, Campaign Creative, Campaign Management, Campaign Strategy, Communication Guide Creation, Content Management System, E-Commerce, Mobile App, Social Media, UI Design, UX Design, Website Design, Website Development